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Warehouse Theatre

The International Playwriting Festival
has been discovering and promoting the work of new playwrights since1986.
Over the years it consolidated the role
of the Warehouse Theatre Company
as a powerhouse of new writing.

IPF is held in two parts:
The first is a competition with entries
accepted from all over the world
which is judged by a panel of
distinguished theatre practitioners.
The second is a showcase
of the selected plays which is held
in the later half of each year.

The IPF's international partners,
CSS Udine in Italy
Theatro Ena in Cyprus

have enabled the work
of selected writers
to be presented across Europe.
 Feastival Patron:
Thelma Holt CBE

Susy Emmett, Kit Benjamin & Derek Wright in the 2013 selected play
THE ROAD TO NOWHERE by Sean Cook directed by Ted Craig
produced at the Ashcroft Theatre, Croydon
in October 2013 more

photograph by Frazer Ashford

IPF16 - 30th anniversary programme here

2015 Festival weekend on 25 & 26 July here
    2014 Festival weekend on 17 & 18 May here

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